Economic Analysis of Real Estate Markets

This course examines connections between the national and global economies and real estate markets from both theoretical and empirical perspectives. Explore the performance of specific property types under different macroeconomic and monetary conditions, as well as key policy issues and their economic impact on real estate markets, and identify indicators used to track economic and real estate performance. Also, examine the economic structure of major metropolitan areas, the impact of local governments on urban economic growth, the impact of urban economic growth on supply and demand for specific property types, and conditions under which certain regions thrive while others decline. Building upon the concepts and tools of economic analysis, this course introduces appropriate data sources and techniques useful in analyzing and forecasting real estate demand and supply for specific property types at specific locations. Class discussion will highlight current economic and financial trends and their implications for real estate markets.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the dynamics of real estate economies and markets
  • Knowledge key economic trends and policy issues to use as background for real estate decision-making
  • An understanding of the interdependence among local government, real estate markets, and development trends
  • Knowledge of the principles of land use by property type
  • The ability to construct an empirical economic market analysis to assess the locational demand for property development or investment
  • The skills to profile an urban economy and identify key trends
  • The ability to apply key market metrics
  • Strong analytical writing and professional report preparation skills

Ideal for

  • Professionals working in real estate, development, government, and economics
  • Those looking to improve their real estate decision-making skills

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  • Fall 2023

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      Fall 2023
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      Oct 23 - Dec 4
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