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Real Estate Data Analytics


Real estate has become a sophisticated industry that now relies on advanced data analytics to drive investment and other critical decisions. These courses are designed to provide students with an understanding of the techniques of data analysis used in the industry. They provide exposure to hands-on examples of data analytics using data commonly seen in the industry. Applied techniques will be presented using the open-source R statistical computing environment, together with the Jupyter notebook, an increasingly popular presentation environment. Immersion in data ingestion, transformation, and visualization will be immediate. Students will gain real-world experience creating statistical analyses to drive informed decision-making in real estate investment decisions. Note: Registering at least two weeks prior to the start of the course date is highly recommended. Popular classes fill up quickly and more specialized classes need sufficient enrollment.

This semester, study from anywhere in the world in the safety and comfort of your home through online or remote instruction.

Data Visualization for Business

Learn to generate, analyze, and communicate data for a specific business-related project.

2024 Summer
+ 1 more semester
2 sections

Economic Analysis of Real Estate Markets

Examine connections between the national and global economies and real estate markets from both theoretical and empirical perspectives.

2024 Fall
1 section

Advanced Topics in Real Estate Data Analytics

Gain hands-on experience creating statistical models to drive informed decision-making in real estate investment.