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Commercial Real Estate Lending

  • Taught by Industry Experts
  • Focuses on All Aspects of the Business
  • Offered In-person and Online

These course impart the specialized skills to underwrite and structure commercial real estate (CRE) loans. They provide tools to analyze commercial investment properties; assess borrower credit worthiness; and make prudent, defensible lending decisions. Topics covered include CRE risk analysis and underwriting considerations; valuation principles and appraisal reports; environmental report review; historical and projected cash flow analysis; debt service coverage ratio sensitivity analyses; management and ownership evaluation; borrower net worth, liquidity, operational experience, and reputational risks; mortgage instruments, loan documents, and carve-outs; regulatory compliance; and credit memo writing.

Underwriting and Structuring Construction Loans

Acquire the specialized lending skills to structure real estate construction loans and prepare a credit memo to “committee.”

Underwriting and Structuring Multifamily Loans

This course provides a framework for CRE credit risk assessment and lending decisions.

Underwriting and Structuring Office, Retail, and Industrial Loans

Learn how to underwrite more complex real estate deals involving office, retail, and industrial loans.