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Editing Children's and YA Books Across Cultures and Beyond

A large push to reflect the true diversity of our country, as well as of readers and book buyers, has led publishing companies to acquire more books with diverse characters and stories. In today’s publishing landscape, no matter an editor’s cultural background, he or she will end up at some point editing cross-culturally. But many editors have little experience editing diverse books, which can result in unfortunate missteps that alienate readers and ultimately undermine the push for diversity. This workshop aims to help both aspiring and experienced children’s and YA book editors learn to identify culturally relevant content—as well as content that is inaccurate or offensive—and develop skills that help writers recognize and eliminate stereotypes and overused tropes. Techniques to seek out and work with diverse, “own voices” authors, who might worry about editors’ ability to understand where they are coming from, also will be covered. In this seminar, learn best practices from working editors at the forefront of diverse children’s and YA book publishing.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Tools to identify culturally relevant content
  • Skills to help writers recognize and eliminate stereotypes
  • Best practices for working with diverse authors

Ideal for

  • Both aspiring and established editors
  • Publishing professionals who care about representation and diversity in published books
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