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Book Publishing

  • Beginning and Advanced Curriculum
  • Focuses on Core and Specialized Skills
  • Promotes Critical Networking

Whether you are interested in beginning or furthering your career in book publishing, these courses, taught by publishing professionals, provide a thorough overview of the core functions of the industry—from editing to sales and marketing. Specialized industry verticals are explored, including adult trade publishing, and the exploding field of children’s/young adult publishing.

Editing Children's and YA Books Across Cultures and Beyond

Develop skills to edit books cross-culturally, recognize and eliminate stereotypes, and avoid missteps that alienate readers.

2017 Summer
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Children's Book Publishing

Acquire practical, specific information about children’s and young adult book publishing through each stage, from acquisition to distribution.

Digital Trends in the Book Industry

Learn how digital technology can improve content acquisition, development and sales, archiving, and asset management in the publishing field.

From Writer to Reader: An Introduction to Book Publishing

Follow a book from conception to completion, including acquisition, the editorial process, design, marketing, sales, and distribution.

New Media Technology: Devices and Formats

Gain an introduction to the various tablets and e-readers, as well as the different digital platforms, currently used in the publishing industry.

The Business of Book Publishing for the Non-Financial Manager

Examine the economic issues that influence decisions about book acquisitions, pricing, inventory, and marketing expenditures.