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Public Relations and Corporate Communication

  • Explores Emerging Trends
  • Covers Diverse Communications and Crisis Scenarios
  • Provides Immediately Applicable Skills

Public relations and corporate communication are critically important in today’s rapidly evolving media environment. These courses cover PR foundations and strategy, investor relations, crisis communication and reputation management, and media relations. They provide the knowledge and skills to build effective campaigns for large and small companies and organizations.

Crisis Communication and Reputation Management

Learn how to manage an organization’s identity and reputation as assets.

2018 Fall
+ 1 more semester
2 sections

Global Public Relations Strategy and Execution Intensive

Take this course to immerse yourself in the evolving global public relations conversation.

2 sections

Media Relations: Present and Future

Learn how a publicist appeals to the minds that matter most.

2 sections

Public Relations Writing for International Professionals in a Globalized Marketplace

Develop strategies for creating and delivering more effective written communication for a globalized economy.

1 section

Public Relations: The Principles of the Practice

Analyze the principles and ethical components underlying the management of a sound public relations program.

2 sections

Entrepreneurial PR: Leadership and Organizational Communication Strategies in Today's Startup Culture

Learn how to incorporate innovative PR strategies to create strategic messaging, engagement, and a reputation that resonate with a global audience.

2018 Fall
+ 1 more semester
2 sections

Advanced Topics: Investor Relations

Learn all about financial markets, including financial institutions, information flow, disclosure requirements, and communication practices.