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Social Media

  • Focuses on Social Media for Marketing
  • Explores Audiences and Usage
  • Develops Analytical Skills

Everybody uses social media, but what are the best methods for employing it to truly have an impact on the positioning of your company? These courses provide an overview of social media marketing, including its role in campaigns, strategy, and branding. Learn core marketing analytics principles and tools as they relate to social media in an integrated marketing mix.

Analyzing the Digital Consumer

Learn how to develop and execute content that drives brand advocacy and encourages positive reviews and empowering recommendations.

2018 Spring
1 section

Social Media Intensive

Examine how brands, audiences, and professionals utilize social media to engage with the world around them.

2018 Spring
1 section

Social Media Marketing Analytics

Gain an understanding of the key principles of marketing analytics as applied to social media.

2018 Spring
1 section

Social Media Marketing Analytics II

Explore the most effective strategies for evaluating and monetizing captured data that determines consumer insights.