Writing Across Media

Learn to write across all forms of media and earn results, including higher search positions, more click-throughs, and increased completed transactions. You will learn how to turn a simple strategy into a powerful concept, and translate print and broadcast strategies for use on social media platforms to maintain a consistent voice for your brand, as well as determine which medium is best suited to the message. Additionally, learn a writing strategy for multiple media outlets and marketing channels and maximize search results by integrating key phrase choices as you develop website copy, including headlines, articles, and online press releases.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the role of public relations writing in the strategic planning process
  • The ability to develop and tailor messaging based on the medium

Ideal for

  • Those interested in expanding upon their foundational knowledge in marketing and public relations writing
  • Professionals seeking to expand their skill sets in marketing and public relations writing

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  • Summer 2022

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    • Semester

      Summer 2022
    • Date

      Jun 6 - Jul 11
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      • Online
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      • Online
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      Lombardi, Dan
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      Instructor Led