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Building Brands with Purpose

Often, what first comes to mind when hearing the word “brand” is a logo, an experience, or an advertisement. An effective brand, however, is so much more—it is a promise to its consumers. But how is such a brand created? In this course, learn the brand development process step by step. The instructors, a brand strategist and a visual design strategist, uniquely cover brand strategy (identifying the core audience and competitive opportunity and developing the brand platform) through design strategy (identity exploration, documentation, and implementation). By applying this to hands-on exercises, gain insights needed to develop a brand with a strong strategic base and the visual vocabulary to bring it to life. The course is ideal for internal marketing or brand teams, creatives interested in strategy, and leaders and entrepreneurs seeking to launch or strengthen their own business’s brand.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the key elements of the brand platform, knowledge of how to craft each, and familiarity with their practical applications
  • Knowledge of the visual language creation process and the ability to evaluate identity that reflects the strategy
  • Experience writing a thorough and actionable creative brief

Ideal for

  • Experienced professionals seeking expertise in brand development and design strategy
  • Those interested in enhancing a strong academic and practical knowledge base in the brand development process
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