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Breakthrough Creative Hacks to Overcome Marketing and Design Challenges

This course guides you through practical exercises, techniques, and tips to overcome common challenges faced by marketers and creatives when ideating, presenting, and evaluating strategies, concepts, and creative campaigns. This intermediate course is cotaught by a brand and marketing strategist and a visual/design strategist. The team has compiled the best not-taught-in-textbook techniques that they have learned from years of participating in industry courses, workshops, and conferences and have refined through real-world application. Topics include better brainstorming techniques, active listening to get a better brief, and storytelling for presentations. Also, learn how to use mood boards for more accurate creative work, to present and evaluate creative output objectively, and to eliminate subjective feedback.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Active listening skills that can be implemented to inform the development of strategies and creative briefs
  • Storytelling techniques to improve the impact of presentations
  • Improved public speaking skills
  • Divergent and convergent processes to improve outcomes of brainstorming sessions and to evaluate creative work objectively
  • An understanding of how to create strategic mood boards to inform the design process
  • The ability to apply design thinking techniques to everyday business challenges

Ideal for

  • Those who work on marketing or creative teams
  • Those who manage marketing or creative teams

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