Marketing Strategy and Branding

  • Focuses on Building Unique Brands
  • Provides Tactical Marketing Strategies
  • Explores Personal Branding

In today’s competitive business environment, establishing and reinforcing your brand is critical along with developing a clearly defined marketing strategy that positions your company or product in the mind of the consumer. These courses provide insight into the visual design and strategic decision-making required to gain market share and consumer loyalty through brand equity.

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Campaign Objectives and Strategy

Every effective advertising campaign begins with understanding the objectives and developing a strategy for the campaign. This course will...

2023 Summer
1 section

Achieving Customer Centricity

Some marketers still take an inside-out approach to their marketing, that starts with what their products are all about and what they can offer....

2023 Summer
2 sections

Campaign Effectiveness Measurement

A critical component of any advertising campaign is the ability to evaluate its success through specific metrics that need to be impacted (ex.,...

0 sections

Foundations of Advertising Research

This foundational course introduces students to the use of research and insights in developing the marketing and advertising journey. Students...

2023 Summer
3 sections

Informing Creative Development

While much of the research and analysis to this stage in the advertising campaign development process is about understanding consumer behaviors,...

2023 Summer
1 section

Media Assessment and Tactical Planning

This course will cover how media are evaluated, planned and bought for marketing campaigns. It will introduce the methodologies and approaches...

2023 Summer
1 section

Visual Communication and Graphic Design: An Overview

Gain a thorough understanding of what graphic design is, and learn by working through the design process on a series of projects.

2023 Summer
1 section

Amplifying the Brand Promise

Learn how to incorporate social media tactics as part of a broad-based integrated marketing strategy and break out of the advertising sea of noise.

2023 Summer
1 section

Discovering and Testing the Key Consumer Insight

Nowadays, marketers have a lot of data, information, findings and observations about their customers and target audience. Synthesizing all that...

0 sections

Building Brands with Purpose

Learn the brand development process step by step, including brand strategy and design strategy.

Campaign and Experiential Marketing

Learn to develop strategy and to plan, execute, and manage campaigns from ideation through results analysis.

Developing the Marketing Plan

Learn how to express a marketing strategy through a comprehensive and coherent marketing plan.

Analyzing the Digital Consumer

Stay ahead of the competition by learning how to research and grow market share through social and digital media.

Healthcare Product and Brand Development: From Discovery to Launch to Brand Building

Healthcare product and service development is more complex given the higher proof of concept threshold required and number of intermediaries involved.

More Than a "Patient": Engaging the Healthcare Consumer Holistically

Increasingly, patients see themselves as customers first, patients second, and are taking more control of their healthcare decisions.