The Evolving US Healthcare Ecosystem

A critical element in developing persuasive and effective healthcare marketing and communications is a firm understanding of the healthcare ecosystem—both the existing and the emerging players: how they engage with each other and with regulatory authorities, and importantly, why they provide offerings in the way they do. This course provides an overview of the new fundamentals of the healthcare industry, including critical terminology, key processes that create value, emerging consumer dynamics, and developments in technology and policy that are transforming the sector. In this course, analyze the business models and growth drivers for the expanding network of players, which includes hospitals, biopharmaceuticals, insurers, advocacy groups, diagnostics, medical cannabis, and emerging healthcare technologies. Also, examine the history and development of the healthcare industry to identify the foundational insights, needs, and concerns of all stakeholders on which to build marketing and communications campaigns that drive positive patient and business outcomes.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to evaluate the roles played by the established and emerging participants in the healthcare sector
  • The skills to analyze the different business drivers and models in the rapidly evolving US healthcare ecosystem, and the knowledge of how these various approaches differ in their ability to create and capture value
  • Ways to identify and prioritize the major marketing and communications needs for stakeholders in the product development life cycle, along with the barriers that constrain what actions can be taken
  • The tools to assess the required elements for a marketing and communications plan that would anticipate consumer needs and reflect the implications of the emerging trends and issues

Ideal for

  • Marketing and communications professionals who want to launch or advance their careers in the healthcare industry
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