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Marketing Specialties

  • Provides Opportunity for Specialization
  • Builds Niche Skill Sets
  • Highlights the Latest Trends and Techniques

As marketing becomes more complex and competitive, several marketing specialty areas have emerged as avenues in which to build a career or to gain skill sets that will ultimately make you more marketable. These include advertising, cause marketing, and event marketing. Courses in these areas can be taken separately or can be combined to offer unique opportunities for career growth and success.

Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility

Track the growth of corporate social responsibility (CSR), and examine the multidimensional ways that CSR programs are implemented today.

2019 Summer
1 section

Digital Advertising Strategies

Examine the many facets of the advertising industry by creating an advertising campaign from start to finish.

2019 Summer
1 section

LGBT Marketing and Public Relations

This course focuses on the specific skills and understanding that are needed to build LGBT-inclusive and empowering brand and marketing campaigns.

Marketing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Causes

Learn how and why for-profit and social enterprise brands leverage their commitment to not-for-profit causes.

Video Media Sales in a Cross-Platform World

Reset your sales process as a video media seller to identify advertiser goals and objectives and provide effective media and communications solutions.

Marketing for Events, Meetings, and Conventions

Learn how to increase attendance and to position an event, venue, or conference center successfully within a competitive global landscape.

Marketing and Positioning Strategies for Meetings, Events, and Conferences

Learn how to add value for your clients by leveraging marketing, social media, and public relations for maximum exposure of your events.