Marketing Research

  • Focuses on Quantitative and Qualitative
  • Explores Proven Methodologies
  • Considers Market Size, Need, and Competition

As marketing has become more competitive and complex, marketing research has become an essential part of defining audiences, messages, and media. These courses provide methodologies for gathering, recording, and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data to successfully market products and services. Learn to use metrics to justify decisions; explore the impact of the marketing mix; and identify market need, size, and competition.

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Campaign Effectiveness Measurement

A critical component of any advertising campaign is the ability to evaluate its success through specific metrics that need to be impacted (ex.,...

2022 Summer
1 section

Media Assessment and Tactical Planning

This course will cover how media are evaluated, planned and bought for marketing campaigns. It will introduce the methodologies and approaches...

2022 Summer
1 section

Foundations of Advertising Research

This foundational course introduces students to the use of research and insights in developing the marketing and advertising journey. Students...

0 sections

Market Research and Consumer Behavior

This course will give all professionals the work-ready skills needed to study consumer behavior and to develop strategies to address challenges.

Achieving Customer Centricity

Some marketers still take an inside-out approach to their marketing, that starts with what their products are all about and what they can offer....

Informing Creative Development

While much of the research and analysis to this stage in the advertising campaign development process is about understanding consumer behaviors,...

Discovering and Testing the Key Consumer Insight

Nowadays, marketers have a lot of data, information, findings and observations about their customers and target audience. Synthesizing all that...