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Online Reputation Management

Reputation management is the influence and/or control of an individual’s or a business’s reputation. The Internet is rapidly changing the way we think of each other and the companies we do business with. The digital world determines how much credence we give to reviews and what we think of corporations. Personal and corporate reputation is more important than ever. This course focuses on managing the customer review process, learning and reviewing software that allows you to review and respond to social media, managing and tracking information about you or your company online, and using online feedback to influence product development. Learn to utilize search and search ranking to mitigate negative information and to develop social profiles and content to extend a company’s brand identity. Also, gain an understanding of the legal and ethical complexities of negative reviews and online slander and libel.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Tools for navigating the complex process of managing a company’s online brand
  • An overview of the latest techniques and tools for delivering a strong and healthy brand online

Ideal for

  • Students interested in expanding upon their foundational knowledge in reputation management
  • Professionals seeking to expand their skill set in online reputation management
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