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Instructional Needs Assessment and Evaluation

This course is designed for those who seek an in-depth, systemic examination of instructional needs. Acquire the skills needed to plan and implement assessment and evaluation as they play out in corporate training and in college and university settings. Best practices at the organization and program levels—although different in scope—share key characteristics: they promote high expectations; address problem-solving; align with objectives; determine methods and tools; respect diverse talents and learning styles; and improve the knowledge, skills, and performance of individuals, groups, and organizations. Other topics to be covered include methods (such as performance-based, self-assessment, portfolios, teamwork, and field work) and means for conducting assessments (including teaching or training portfolios). You will apply assessment and evaluation principles to your own work or teaching setting and then share results with the class.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The skills needed to plan and implement assessment and evaluation
  • The ability to develop field work and self-assessment programs
  • Increased knowledge of training in corporate and educational settings

Ideal for

  • Educational and corporate trainers
  • HR professionals
  • Professional development program managers
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