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Building and Managing a Gender-Inclusive Team

This course provides managers and HR professionals with an understanding of the role that each department has in enforcing gender-equitable practices so that everyone has the opportunity to succeed. Case studies and hands-on assignments guide managers through data-driven methods for successfully building a sustainable workforce through gender-diverse hiring and retention practices. Assignments and lectures focus on identifying and avoiding trends that deplete human capital resources, with the goal of fortifying competitive position in the marketplace. The course identifies and examines strategies for strengthening industry workforce and profits as a whole, while highlighting human resource and communications best practices that benefit employees and employers through short- and long-term economic scenarios and trends. Bolster your position in the marketplace by learning to recruit, retain, and develop women leaders through gender-balanced practices in a team environment. Learn the benefits of creating a better work environment for all employees. Compare male and female career paths to understand why gender myths exist and what trends can hold people and profits back.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to identify and apply workplace structure, programs, and proven communication techniques to develop and support gender equity and diversity within an organization
  • Actionable strategies to retain a gender-balanced, inclusive workforce culture
  • An understanding of how to protect and grow an organization through innovative business practices and ongoing professional development and training
  • Knowledge of how to retain and develop women employees who are well suited to career paths in typically male-dominated industries and how to prevent them from “dropping out” of the workforce altogether

Ideal for

  • Managers, executives, and HR practitioners who want to develop a more diverse, gender-balanced team environment in order to retain the best talent and market to women and diverse markets
  • Managers who seek to promote more women and diverse candidates in the workforce into top leadership positions
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