Organizational Leadership

  • Fosters Leadership That Drives Proactive Change
  • Differentiates Your Professional Leadership Skill Sets
  • Optimizes Leadership Effectiveness

Leadership skills within an organization are essential tools that are required for all levels of managers, executives, and business professionals. Organizational leadership fosters employee motivation, strategic management and planning, creativity, effective teamwork, and the ability to define and meet organizational goals and objectives. These courses ground you in the best practices of organizational leadership, building the skill sets that will make you a proactive driver of change and that will increase your competitive value in today’s results-driven business environment.

This semester, study from anywhere in the world in the safety and comfort of your home through online or remote instruction.

Conflict Management Techniques for the Workplace

Develop your critical conflict management skills and increase your effectiveness as a professional.

2023 Summer
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Inclusive Team Leadership: Coaching for Peak Performance

Through pre-work activities and in-class discussions and presentations, students discover actions leaders can take to foster inclusion and...

2023 Summer
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Data-Driven Metrics to Inform Your Organization's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Deepen your DEI analytics capabilities to connect internal and external data sources with insights into ecosystems of partners and competitors.

2023 Summer
1 section

Improve Diversity Hiring with Technology

Learn how to integrate new technology into the flow of people engagement to add distinctive elements to the further enhancement of the candidate...

2023 Summer
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Drive Business Performance with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Examine the impact of diversity in leadership on business performance, and learn how to implement sustainable DEI imperatives in your organization.

2023 Summer
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Interpersonal Communication Skills

Learn specific strategies and techniques to improve your effectiveness when communicating with others.

True Leadership: Managing Yourself and Others

Learn to cultivate the talents of others while holding people accountable for results, and gain the knowledge to inspire and lead without ego.

Communicating Leadership and Power in Public Speaking

Have all elements of your communication persona are evaluated, exercised, challenged, and upgraded, transforming you into a speaker with power.

Law, Ethics, and Board Governance in Nonprofit Organizations

Examine institutions, processes, and policies related to ethical behavior, legal compliance, and effective governance in the nonprofit sector.

Managing Risk and Uncertainty: Assessment, Frameworks, and Strategies

Operating in conditions of uncertainty can be disorienting and bewildering. A risk-informed approach can allow global leaders to make informed...

Public-Private Partnerships: The Role of Philanthropy

No one organization or sector has the full suite of capabilities, relationships or assets to tackle persistent and escalating social problems...