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Clinical Communications and Group Dynamics

This course introduces interpersonal management techniques for interfacing with various stakeholders when designing, developing, and implementing a project plan in a healthcare facility. Acquire the fundamentals for managing a diverse group that is working to implement a project, with a focus on virtual project teams, shared values, relationship capital, team-driven planning, real-time planning, rapid planning, and leadership. Additional topics covered include group dynamics; conflict avoidance, mediation, and resolution; positive and disruptive roles; effective communication and its barriers; communication plans; techniques such as stakeholder assessments and SBAR; stages of adoption; and effective listening.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the principles of group dynamics, including group process components, developmental stage theories, member roles and behaviors, and the therapeutic factors of group work
  • Knowledge of group leadership styles and approaches

Ideal for

  • Individuals operating in hospitals and clinical settings who wish to improve their communication abilities
  • Project managers working in healthcare facilities

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