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Cantonese, Simplified Proficiency

  • Demonstrate Your Proficiency in Simplified Cantonese
  • Advance Your Career in Related Fields
  • Help Fulfill College Language Requirements (Where Equivalency Is Accepted)

Measure your proficiency in Simplified Cantonese through the online language testing services offered by the NYU School of Professional Studies. Choose from 4-point, 12-point, or 16-point options, depending upon your professional or academic needs. Point scoring is equivalent to undergraduate credits at US colleges; credit granted is at the discretion of the institution receiving the results.

For a full list of other language proficiency exams offered onsite and for detailed information about the testing process, click here.

Cantonese, Simplified 12-Point Online Proficiency Exam

This exam assesses reading, writing, and listening proficiency in Simplified Cantonese.

2020 Fall
+ 1 more semester
2 sections

Cantonese, Simplified 16-Point Online Proficiency Exam

The 16-point exam in Simplified Cantonese is the same as the 12-point exam except for the addition of a 350-word essay on a more complex subject.

2020 Fall
+ 1 more semester
2 sections

Cantonese, Simplified 4-Point Online Proficiency Exam

This exam is available to those who have achieved a score of at least 8 on the 12-point Simplified Cantonese exam and wish to earn 4 additional...

2021 Spring
1 section