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Acting in "The Zone": Scene Study and Improvisation

Athletes describe “the zone” as a place where performance is exceptional, consistent, and flowing. When acting, seek this transcendent state through a method that fuses scene study and improvisation. Once you have the author’s words crystallized in your mind, personalize them by employing challenging improvisations and by exploring the character in your own words, moving beyond the boundaries of the text. Then return to the script with a stronger personal connection, prepared to act in “the zone”—where you and the character are one. The course concludes with an online, public performance of scenes and monologues you worked on during the semester. The final class will be recorded and shared with participants for personal use.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Experience acting in front of an audience
  • Advanced techniques for acting and character development

Ideal for

  • All levels of actors, from beginner to advanced
  • People of all ages looking to creatively enhance their engagement with life
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