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Improvisation: Discovering the Actor Within

Do you often feel that you are one person at work and another when away from the workplace? Do you ever wish you could integrate these two people, allowing the real, creative, “whole” you to function in both places? Using professional acting techniques in a supportive environment, allow your full potential to unfold and blossom into self-expression and more effective personal presentation. The training introduces new levels of relaxation, concentration, and focus, with the goal of helping you to deepen your sensory awareness, heighten your imagination, release spontaneity, and improvise. Primarily for nonactors, this course also provides an excellent orientation for beginning actors.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the basic tenets of improv and acting
  • Greater confidence

Ideal for

  • Those seeking personal and professional improvement
  • Beginner and intermediate-level actors
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