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Theatre, Music, and Acting

  • Analyzes and Discusses Literature and Music
  • Develops Cultural Aptitude
  • Builds Performance Skills

These courses provide the opportunity to read masterworks of the theatre; listen to symphonies, operas, and folk songs; or perform for an audience. Explore the cultural and historic legacies of the performing arts.

Great Concertos: From Vivaldi to Corigliano

This course will examine the concerto as a musical composition and as an influence on culture and art.

2019 Summer
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Bob Dylan: American Literature's Defiant Prophet

In this course, examine Bob Dylan’s lyrics, watch videos, and read some of the most insightful scholars of Dylan’s oeuvre.

2019 Summer
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Introduction to Film Music and Sound

This course will examine the history of music in film and explore the crucial role of sound in movies.

2019 Summer
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Puccini's Women

This course will discuss how Puccini used plot and music to develop memorable female characters as his musical style evolved.

2019 Summer
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A Taste of Acting: Winter Session

Explore your creative side in this one-day workshop, designed to welcome newcomers to the world of acting.

Acting in "The Zone": Scene Study and Improvisation

Learn to find “the zone” when acting—a state of exceptional, consistent performance—through scene study and improvisation.

American Musicals of the "Golden Age": From Oklahoma! to Fiorello!

Learn about the “Golden Age” of the American musical, when musical theatre was at the center of popular culture.

Beginning Acting Boot Camp

Immerse yourself in the world of acting in this engaging, interactive workshop, suitable for first-time actors and budding thespians alike.

Hammerstein as Mentor to Sondheim

Learn about Oscar Hammerstein’s extraordinary influence on Stephen Sondheim and his work in musical theatre.

Johannes Brahms: Classical Romanticist

Listen to the music of Brahms, and learn about the composer, his contemporaries, and his legacy.

More Chamber Music: The Music of Friends

Listen to selections of great chamber music from throughout history, and explore the works’ composers, patrons, and performance histories.

Norse and Finnish Mythology in Classical Music

Listen to music by some of the many composers who haven taken inspiration from Norse and Finnish mythology.

The Joy of Improv

Enjoy creating improvisational comedy in a relaxed, encouraging, and supportive atmosphere.

The Play's the Thing: Curtain Up on New York's Theatre Scene

Meet with theatre professionals and see five Broadway or Off-Broadway shows to learn what happens before the curtain rises and after it falls.