Theater and Music

  • Analyzes and Discusses Literature and Music
  • Develops Cultural Aptitude
  • Provides Lively Discussion and Debate

These courses provide the opportunity to explore masterworks of the theatre and listen to symphonies, operas, and folk songs. Explore the cultural and historic legacies of the performing arts.

This Summer, study from anywhere in the world in the safety and comfort of your home through online or remote instruction.

A Brief History of Jazz: A Mirror of America

Explore the history of Jazz and its influence on American music and...

2022 Summer
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Clara and Robert Schumann: Tragedy and Triumph

Explore the music and livesĀ  of Clara and Robert Schumann and theirĀ  influence on the Romantic Era

The History of the Music Hall and Vaudeville: from W.C. Fields to Fanny Brice

Learn about the history and legacy of the Music Hall in cultural capitals around the world

The Play's the Thing: When the Curtain's Not Yet Fully Up

View recorded theatrical performances on your own, and then join online lectures and discussions that include special guests from the theatre world.

Johann Sebastian Bach and His Musical Sons: A Family Portrait in Sound

Explore Baroque and Classical music through the work of Johann Sebastian Bach and his four musical sons