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Plato's Republic

A work of monumental scope and significance, The Republic presents Plato’s conception of the ideal polis, or city-state. Unified around the theme of justice, it explores issues concerning society, politics, psychology, education, gender, art, and metaphysics. It also contains an incisive account of his famous theory of Forms or Ideas. The supreme product of Plato’s mature years, it contains virtually the entire universe of Plato’s philosophy. Written in ancient Greece during a time of major political upheaval, Plato’s Republic also holds special significance for today’s world: it compels us to grapple with the question of how—considering the economic, social, and political challenges of globalization—our society ought to be constituted and governed.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Greater familiarity with virtually the entire universe of Plato’s philosophy
  • Appreciation for The Republic’s significance for today’s world

Ideal for

  • The culturally engaged
  • Professionals who use critical thinking
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