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Cultivating Mindfulness and Compassion in Today's World

As the 21st century unfolds, technology and world events intrude upon our attention and our humanity, inviting a call for both renewal and resilience. Responding to that call, this course explores the principles and practices of mindfulness and compassion, the objectives of which are to train attention, soften the heart, navigate difficult emotions and runaway thoughts, facilitate kindness and equanimity, and access the wisdom that lies beneath patterns of reactivity. Class sessions are experiential, emphasizing the imperative of practice—the idea that mindfulness is a type of exercise whose benefits accrue over time, while compassion is a balm valued by people around the globe. In this regard, the tools and techniques presented can help you to develop a mindfulness practice that you can carry into all aspects of your life.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the benefits and practices of mindfulness and compassion
  • The ability to apply mindfulness practice and compassion to your own life

Ideal for

  • All members of the community—working, retired, and in between
  • Professionals of all levels and in all industries

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