Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion

  • Expresses Complex Ideas
  • Debates Conflicting Perspectives
  • Provides Historic Contexts

These courses explore life’s greatest questions by discussing classic and modern philosophers, psychology, and world religions. They develop skills to express complex ideas, challenge orthodoxy, and expose underlying assumptions.

This Summer, study from anywhere in the world in the safety and comfort of your home through online or remote instruction.

Comparative Religion: From Christianity to Confucianism

Gain a basic understanding of the beliefs and practices of the world’s major religions.

Hannah Arendt in Dark Times

Read and discuss the work of Hannah Arendt, one of the 20th century’s leading political philosophers

Judaism and the Origin of Christianity

Explore the period that led to the emergence of Christianity and Second Temple Judaism—its history, literature, and religious communities.

An Introduction to Ethics: Virtue, Duty, Goodness

Explore the roots of philosophical thought on the nature of morality through literary and philosophical writings.

Religion and Literature: From the Bible to James Baldwin

Explore themes—love, death, evil, suffering, and forgiveness—across religious and literary texts from the Western canon and beyond.

An Introduction to Islamic History

Explore Islamic history during the first six centuries of its existence.

Ancient Near East Culture and the Birth of Judeo-Christian Religious Traditions

Explore the history and culture of the ancient Near East, including its cultural legacy as birthplace of the Judeo-Christian religious traditions.