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Exploring Magical Realism in Latin America: From Gabriel Garcia Marquez to Isabel Allende

Gabriel García Márquez once said, “My most important problem [as a writer] was destroying the lines that separate what seems real from what seems fantastic.” Discover and explore the work of several representative novelists who, like García Márquez, rely on the fusion of the magical and the real to convey a distinctive world view and to portray the complexities of Latin American identity. Authors and texts to be read may include Alejo Carpentier (Cuba), The Kingdom of This World; Juan Rulfo (Mexico), Pedro Páramo; Gabriel García Márquez (Colombia), Collected Stories and One Hundred Years of Solitude; Isabel Allende (Chile), The House of the Spirits; Laura Esquivel (Mexico), Like Water for Chocolate; and Julio Cortázar (Argentina), Blow-Up and Other Stories.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Increased cultural literacy
  • Familiarity with the writing of García Márquez and other Latin American authors

Ideal for

  • The curious and creative
  • Professionals who use critical thinking
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