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The City and the Book: Florence, Venice, London, New York

When Gutenberg introduced the printing press to Europe around 1440, printed books immediately flooded the market. The printing press did not create the demand for books, but responded to an already existing demand. We will look at the fascinating history of manuscript books in Renaissance Florence, the explosion of printed books in Venice, and the development of the art and business of the book in London and New York. Together, we will examine the rise of book publishing, bookselling, and typography, and focus on several of the most beautiful books ever made, as we trace the story of the book from illuminated manuscripts to mass market paperbacks—and the internet—from the 14th century to the present day.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A familiarity with the most beautiful books ever made
  • An understanding of the development of the book industry in the Western world
  • A unique book-centric tour through Florence, Venice, London and New York

Ideal for

  • Literature enthusiasts
  • All members of the community– working, retired, and in between

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  • Fall 2024

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      Fall 2024
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      Sep 30 - Nov 18
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