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The European Balance of Power: Diplomacy in the Modern Age, 1900-1945

From 1900 to 1945, Europe was transformed by diplomatic approaches used by individual states to pursue their national objectives. Learn about the diplomatic events that led to the collapse of the pre-1914 European system, the consequences of which resulted in the First and Second World Wars. Topics include the stand-off between the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente, WWI diplomacy, the search for security in the 1920s, Nazi/fascist diplomacy, and Western/Soviet reactions preceding—and during—WWII. These diplomatic events are discussed in relation to political, social, and economic events of the period.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Knowledge of the diplomatic events that lead up to the collapse of the pre-1914 European system
  • In-depth understanding of the political, social, and economic events of the period

Ideal for

  • The culturally engaged
  • All members of the community—working, retired, and in-between
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      Spring 2018
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      Feb 20 - May 8
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      Midtown Center
    Tuition $600