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A History of Rome: From the Founding of the City to the Death of Emperor Justinian

Explore ancient Roman history, and trace its evolution from a city-state monarchy to a republic and then to an empire. Emphasis will be placed on the dynamic nature of Roman history as its evolution occurred. The first weeks will focus on how Rome went from one of a number of Italian city-states to become the leading power in Italy, culminating in its defeat of Carthage and its mastery of the entire Mediterranean area. Next, the course will review how the strains of the growing empire led to the rise of the generals and the collapse of the republic. The focus will then shift to the evolution of the Roman Empire, from disguised military dictatorship to undisguised despotism. Finally, the course will examine the stresses that the later empire faced and the survival of the eastern half.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Familiarity with the dynamic nature of ancient Roman history
  • An understanding of Rome’s importance to the history of Europe

Ideal for

  • The curious and creative
  • Professionals who use critical thinking
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