Aztec Culture and the Spanish Invasion of Mexico

In this course, we will explore the rich culture and history of Aztec civilization through the period of Spanish invasion and colonization. The first portion of the class will focus entirely on the Aztecs, their political and cultural structures, and some of their major cities and sites. Later sessions will cover the Spanish-Aztec war (1519-21) in the broader context of Spain’s imperial project in the New World and the competing empires of the major European powers. This global framing will give us a fuller sense of the historical significance of Aztec civilization as well as the Spanish conquest that brought many elements of that civilization to an abrupt end. Questions? Contact us at The Center for Applied Liberal Arts (CALA). Email or call 212-998-7272.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Fundamental knowledge of Aztec culture and civilization through the period of Spanish invasion
  • An understanding of the history of Spanish empire in a global context
  • Comparative

Ideal for

  • Those with an interest in Central American history and culture
  • Anyone wishing to learn more about European history, imperial and economic history, and the Atlantic World

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  • Summer 2022

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      Summer 2022
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      Jul 8 - Jul 22
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      Scheper, George
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