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Hospitality Guest Services

This course focuses on the delivery of quality service in a restaurant setting. Successful service is not just a matter of technical knowledge; restaurant service professionals must be able to manage information and people and to communicate effectively with a wide variety of guests. Effective guest service helps a restaurant to develop, maintain, and expand its business by retaining its current loyal client base and consistently attracting a new clientele. Collecting guest information is worthless unless put to good use enhancing service to guests. This course turns data into gold, when applied properly.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the role of verbal and nonverbal communication in service delivery, as it relates to improving the experience between employee and guest through all points of contact
  • The confidence to respond to a range of challenging service scenarios using guest feedback as service enhancement opportunities
  • Knowledge of generational and cultural factors that may affect and impact guest needs and expectations, while effectively handling guest concerns and complaints
  • The ability to demonstrate awareness and professionalism in every hospitality-related activity and during each guest interaction

Ideal for

  • Restaurant owners, managers, hosts, and servers
  • Restaurant designers and marketing professionals
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