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Restaurant Management

  • Taught by Industry Experts
  • Provides Practical, Hands-on Skills
  • Focuses on Operations

Working in a restaurant, bar, or other food service business is fast paced, and managers must efficiently identify and resolve situations, lead teams, and grow revenues sustainably over time. From developing a business plan, staffing and opening a restaurant, and overseeing day-to-day operations to implementing cost controls and improving profitability, the skills gained in these courses will help you to advance in your career and will add significant value to your organization.

Packaging Food and Beverage Products

Explore the necessities and options regarding packaging and protection of retail food and beverage products.

2 sections

Capstone: Certificate in Food Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Develop your food and beverage product or service venture by creating a mission statement and job descriptions and preparing a business plan.

2 sections

Food Experience, Design, and Marketing

Gain practical guidance about food and beverage product design, marketing, and consumer experience.

2 sections

Food Retail Location Analysis

Analyze the critical factors of distribution, wholesale markets, and retail markets for food and beverage products.

2 sections

Food and Beverage Logistics and Supply Chain

In this online foundation course, learn about recipe creation for the food and beverage product you are looking to introduce to the marketplace.

2 sections

From Concept to Consumer

This foundation course takes you through food and beverage business planning and concept development.

2 sections

Venture Formation and Financing

This course details business creation options available and discusses professional services and financing to consider when starting a new venture.

2 sections

Managing the Kitchen: From Utility Person to Executive Chef

Learn how a well-organized and well-managed kitchen determines quality control, consistency, efficiency, and harmony among employees.

How to Commercialize Your Favorite Recipe with Success

Gain the knowledge and skills to commercialize a specialty food product, whether you want to keep the business small, grow it, or run it as a hobby.