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Meeting, Conference, and Event Management

  • Taught by Industry Experts
  • Provides Practical, Hands-on Skills
  • Offers Flexible Class Schedules

Meeting, conference, and event management are growing fields where skills acquired can be applied on a global basis. These courses teach you to plan events, while enhancing your marketing, negotiation, and sales skills to serve corporate, social, and special event clients. Site visits may include venues such as hotels, conference centers, and design showrooms. Choose from in-person, blended, or online options.

This Summer, study from anywhere in the world in the safety and comfort of your home through online or remote instruction.

Event Budgeting and Financial Management

Learn about the financial management process for event planning—from developing a budget to analyzing return on investment.

2020 Summer
1 section

Event Operations and Production

Learn to create project plans that include each aspect of the event while using the latest technology, décor, and design ideas.

2020 Summer
1 section

Planning Successful Special Events

Explore how to create special events that meet client goals, and improve your event planning by learning to employ creative ideas.

2020 Summer
1 section

Principles of Event Management

Gain an understanding of the event planning process for creating and executing meetings, events, and conventions of all sizes.

2020 Summer
1 section

Risk Management for Meetings and Events

By the end of this course, have the skills to develop comprehensive risk assessment and risk control plans for all of your events.

2020 Summer
1 section

Meetings Technology

Become knowledgeable about relevant technological tools and new platforms, as well as their uses as they apply to producing events.

Negotiating Event Contracts and Agreements

Become skilled at handling venue contracts, including developing a comprehensive RFP, evaluating vendors, and preparing a negotiation plan.

Marketing for Events, Meetings, and Conventions

Learn how to increase attendance and to position an event, venue, or conference center successfully within a competitive global landscape.