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Interactive Marketing Campaigns: The Power of Public Relations and Social Media

Every industry—healthcare, consumer goods, manufacturing, fashion, entertainment, nonprofits, and financial services, among others—needs creative, smart, and skilled marketing strategists to design campaigns that will generate the most attention for its products or services and get target customers to respond positively to campaigns. To be successful, marketing campaigns must create an experience, evoke emotions, and get customers, which in turn, lifts a brand’s identity and equity in a competitive marketplace.
This Interactive Marketing Campaigns course provides an opportunity to learn some of the fundamental principles for successfully launching an interactive marketing campaign and managing the campaign over time. As a student in this course, gain exposure to the key components that make digital marketing possible, such as web development, content development, coding, and usability testing. Also, discover how the practice of marketing actually works independently and within an integrated communication plan. You will learn through classroom lectures and discussions, as well as by executing and presenting multifaceted team and individual team projects.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Working knowledge of integrated marketing and its role in creating a strong, innovative, enduring, and measurable communication strategy
  • The ability to design an integrated marketing campaign

Ideal for

  • High school students in grades 9–12
  • High school students interested in a career in marketing

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  • Spring 2019

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      Spring 2019
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      Mar 9 - Apr 13
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      • In-Person
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      • In-Person
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      Ajayi, Lilian
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      Washington Square
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