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Weekend Workshops

  • Workshops in Fall and Spring Semesters
  • Grades 9–12
  • Recommended GPA: 3.0 minimum

In addition to excellent grades, the college admissions process requires that high school students demonstrate that they are serious about their academic and professional future. The NYU School of Professional Studies High School Academy offers Weekend Workshops to provide high school students with programs of study that allow them to explore their professional options and to enhance their college portfolio.

These workshops are offered in condensed, weekend formats and are taught by top industry experts. They offer rigorous course work and serve as an impressive addition on a college application. There are many new offerings this semester from which to choose.

Weekend Workshop spring applications are now closed.
Spring Class Start Date: February 25, 2017

To make your application process seamless and to ensure that you get the most out of your Weekend Workshop experience, we have developed an FAQ to guide you.

Program Contact
If you, or your parents, have additional questions or concerns,
Phone: 212-998-7006   Email: sps.hsacademy@nyu.edu

Computer Information Systems: Cyber Defense

Learn the science and the art of investigating computer crimes and building secure networks.

2017 Fall
1 section

Introduction to Architecture

Learn the theory and practice of architecture from the ancient world to today.

2017 Fall
1 section

Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

Develop a deeper understanding of the social entrepreneurship sector and the skills necessary to fund, launch, and administer your own venture.

2017 Fall
1 section

The Real Estate Development Process

Study residential real estate development from financial, land use, design, and public policy perspectives.

2017 Fall
1 section

Becoming a Sports Writer

Conceive, write, develop, and refine a multiplatform sports magazine.

College Writing: Understanding Grammar Through Writing--The Ultimate Connection

Gain a better understanding of how good grammar is instrumental to working through the creative process and shaping the reader experience.

Computer Science with JavaScript

Learn the foundations of computer science and basic programming, while developing your logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Creative Approaches to Writing the College Application Essay

Learn how to write a compelling college application essay.

Creative Writing Workshop: Finding the Truth in Fiction

Develop and fine-tune your creative writing skills through interactive writing exercises and discussion of works by published authors.

Debates in Global Affairs: The Ethics of Conflict

Gain a basic understanding of international relations theory by studying historical and current case studies that address peace and security issues.

Digital Filmmaking: Storytelling on Film

Explore digital filmmaking, from first concept to final edit, through the creation of your own film.

Exploring Careers in Event Management

Learn about the event-planning process and the role of the event manager in helping clients to achieve their goals with measurable results.

Fashion Accessory Design: From Head to Toe and Hats to Shoes

Design your own portfolio of fashion accessories while learning about the fashion industry and its important figures and trends.

Fundamentals of Sports Management: The Game Beyond the Playing Field

Learn about sports management through an examination of diverse business structures, management theories, and leadership philosophies.

Impressionism: The Artists and Their Art

Learn about impressionism and the masterpieces of this genre that changed the art world.

Interactive Marketing Campaigns: The Power of Public Relations and Social Media

Immerse yourself in the practice of marketing, and create innovative marketing plans that you can add to your portfolio.

Introduction to College-Level Statistics

Gain an understanding of the language and uses of statistics that you will encounter in college courses.

Introduction to Fashion Design

Learn what it takes to succeed in the fashion industry today.

Introduction to Global Banking

Learn about the role of banks in global finance, as well as new companies that offer financial services and their relation to traditional banks.

Introduction to Project Management

Gain an introduction to the project management field while learning the fundamental theory, tools, and techniques of successful project management.

Investing Fundamentals: Shaping Your Financial Future

Learn the basics of investing and investment vehicles.

Journalism: Reporting, Researching, and Writing Features

Learn the essential skills of print-based journalism.

Photography: New York City Through the Camera Lens

Explore New York City through the lens of your camera and create an image bank of your photography.

Photoshop for Photographers

Learn to use Adobe Photoshop for creative and corrective purposes.

Pre-Law: An Introduction to Torts

Take part in an intensive law school class simulation, and gain an introduction to the study of law.

Sports and Social Media

Learn why social media is the most influential marketing tool in today’s sports business world and how to use it to achieve business goals.

The Big Picture: Telling Stories Through Data Visualization

Learn how to harness the power of big data by transforming it from lifeless piles of numbers into detailed stories through data visualization.

The Power of Travel: How Tourism and Hospitality Drive NYC's Economy

Learn about the travel, tourism, and hospitality sectors in New York City, a global destination.

Tourism Destination Digital Marketing and Social Media

Learn what makes a social media campaign successful and what tools and techniques to use to generate interest for tourism industry marketing.

Writing for Television: Creating and Writing a New Series

Gain an understanding of the fundamentals of writing for television.