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Career Edge

  • International Student Deadline: May 1, 2017
  • Domestic Residential Student Deadline: June 1, 2017
  • Domestic Commuter Student Deadline: July 1, 2017

The NYU School of Professional Studies High School Academy Career Edge program offers high school students the opportunity to live and learn in the heart of New York City, the cultural and financial capital of the world.

One-week, professionally oriented intensive programs of study allow you to explore career options and to gain the competitive edge when applying for college. Experience university life by living in an NYU dorm. Enjoy the use of NYU facilities, while you take in all that NYC has to offer during the summer.

How to Apply
To apply, you must have successfully completed grades 9, 10, or 11, and must submit an application. In addition, you must submit an official high school transcript and a 250-word essay. Housing is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please visit HSA Career Edge to obtain more information and to apply to the Summer 2017 program.

Program Contact
Phone: 212-998-7006   Email: sps.hsacademy@nyu.edu

Applied Arts for Social Justice

Learn how to use artistic platforms to raise awareness about injustice and catalyze change through social justice initiatives.

1 section

Becoming a Sports Writer

Conceive, write, develop, and refine a multiplatform sports magazine.

1 section

Business Startups and Innovation Lab

Learn how systematically to analyze business problems that startup companies face and to deliver elegant solutions in response.

1 section

Climate Change, Sustainable Development, and Universal Rights

Explore how global studies professionals address complex international issues, including economic inequality, climate change, and development.

1 section

Computer Information Systems: Cyber Defense

Learn the science and the art of investigating computer crimes and building secure networks.

1 section

Creating and Writing a Television Series

Learn the art and craft behind the hottest and fastest-growing area of dramatic storytelling: writing for television.

1 section

Creative Writing: Finding Your Muse in the Metropolis

Develop and fine-tune your skills in the craft of creative writing.

2 sections

Criminal Justice: From the Crime Scene to the Courtroom...and Beyond

Gain an understanding of the US criminal justice system, and learn how cases progress through the different phases and divisions within the system.

1 section

Destination Marketing: A Spotlight on New York City--Tourism Capital of the World

Become immersed in the exciting world of tourism and destination marketing through the lens of New York City.

1 section

Digital Filmmaking: Telling the Story Through Technology

Immerse yourself in the technical aspects of digital filmmaking.

2 sections

Digital Journalism: Spreading the News Through New Media

Gain an introduction to working across digital media as a journalist.

1 section

Discovering New York City Architecture: A Foundation in Design, Theory, and Practice

Explore the field of architecture from the ancient world to today.

1 section

Exploring the Wonderful World of Special Events in New York City

Get a peek into the career of a special events manager, and gain an understanding of what it takes to succeed in this field.

1 section

Fashion Design in New York City

Explore the fundamentals of a career in the fashion industry.

1 section

Finance NYC: An Insider's View

Gain an insider's view of the fast-paced world of finance.

3 sections

From Writer to Reader: The Art of Editing Books

Immerse yourself in the life of an editor, and gain an understanding of how a publishing house operates.

1 section

Fundamentals of 3D Design and 3D Printing

Learn to design and print your own 3D creations, go behind the scenes at 3D printing spaces in NYC, and discover more about careers in this field.

1 section

Hit Songwriting: Creating, Recording, and Marketing Your Music

Learn about the path to becoming a career musician.

1 section

Integrated Marketing: Innovation and Strategy

Discover how the practice of integrated marketing actually works, and acquire a deeper understanding of current trends, strategies, and career paths.

2 sections

Interior Design Studio: From Concepts to Color Theory and Beyond

Explore aspects of the interior design industry in New York City.

1 section

Introduction to Computer Science Using Java

Learn the basic principles of computer science and its application to science, engineering, and commercial endeavors.

1 section

Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship

Develop a deeper understanding of the social entrepreneurship sector and the skills necessary to fund, launch, and administer your own venture.

1 section

Investment Banking Fundamentals

Immerse yourself in the complex industry of investment banking.

1 section

Journalism: The Who, What, Where, Why, and How of Writing Feature Stories

Learn the essential skills of print-based journalism and write engaging stories and headlines.

1 section

Photographing NYC: Through the Mind's Eye and the Camera Lens

Find photographic inspiration in New York City, and learn the fundamentals of digital photography.

1 section

Podcasting: An In-Depth Audio Storytelling Workshop

Through focused audio storytelling projects, learn how to write in your own voice, use recording gear, and edit audio into sound-rich stories.

1 section

Pre-Law Bootcamp

Gain an understanding of the study of law and its career opportunities.

1 section

Real Estate NYC: From Design to Development

Immerse yourself in all aspects of the real estate development process.

1 section

Restaurant Entrepreneurship: Examining the Business of Restaurants

Learn the business fundamentals and best practices of successful restaurant businesses in one of the most competitive markets in the world.

1 section

Sabermetrics: The New Statistical Genetic Code of Baseball

Identify the pathways and requisite skills for pursuing a career in baseball through sabermetrics.

1 section

Screenwriting--Visual Storytelling: From Short to Feature-Length Films

Explore the craft of screenwriting and visual storytelling.

1 section

Sports Branding and Sponsorship

Explore the world of branding and sponsorship in sports from multiple viewpoints.

1 section

The Future Cybersecurity: Are You Ready for What's Coming? Beyond Alexa and IBM Watson

Gain an understanding of different cybersecurity threats, risks, and models, and engage in critical thinking to design relevant policy solutions.

1 section

Video Game Design: From Concept to Completion

Learn what it takes to become a professional video game developer.

1 section

Art History: New York's Masterpieces

Gain an understanding of the dynamic and multifaceted art world in New York City and beyond.

Debates in Global Affairs: The Ethics of Justice

Develop an understanding of global affairs through case studies and more.

Exploring Visual and Graphic Design

Study design principles, and learn how to apply them to future careers in publishing, media, graphic design, and more.

Introduction to Mandarin Chinese in NYC

Study Mandarin while learning about Chinese culture and history.

Music Video Production

In this hands-on course, gain experience in both the technical and creative aspects of music video production.

New York City: An Urban Laboratory

Learn about the complexities and challenges facing our future cities.

The Music, Literature, and Art of New York City: The Jazz Age to the 1980s

Experience firsthand how New York City influenced some of the greatest artists in modern history.

The New Golden Age of Television: From The Sopranos to Game of Thrones and Scandal

Study the current golden age of television by exploring its history, technology, style, and greatest influencers.

Web Design: From Concept to Completion

Learn how to build, style, and program a website in this one-week intensive.