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The United States and the United Nations: A Saga of Mixed Messages

The United States played a pivotal role in the establishment of the United Nations and, for two decades or so, remained one of its most outspoken advocates. Since the mid-1970s, however, relations between the UN and its host country have been fraught with tensions and have fallen onto a dizzying rollercoaster track. In the latest development, after eight years of relatively friction-free cooperation under President Obama’s administration, President Trump has signaled yet another era of tension and estrangement. Against this background, this course seeks to identify the systemic, ideological, and political (internal and external) factors accounting for and explaining the Trump administration’s stance toward the evolving security, human rights, humanitarian, and development agendas of the United Nations and the organization as whole. Topics to be covered include an examination of the making of the UN Charter, the role of the presidency and congress in the formation of US policy toward the UN, and the significance of the changing structure of international society and growing salience of global threats.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A better practical and academic understanding of the United States’ approach to, use of, and participation in international organizations
  • An examination of American foreign policy orientation

Ideal for

  • Those interested in US foreign policy, international affairs, and the United Nations
  • Students and professionals involved in international organization and UN activities
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