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  • Taught by Government and Military Professionals
  • Covers Risk Analysis and Infrastructure Security
  • Addresses Regional and International Issues

There is a growing necessity for a multilateral approach to security issues that face the international community as a whole. From regional conflicts to international criminal tribunals, and terrorism to climate change, these courses explore both the emerging and ongoing threats to global peace and security.

Cybersecurity: The Evolving Landscape of Cyberspace Defense

This course provides a multidisciplinary approach to cybersecurity, focusing on diversity of threats, intents, capabilities, and uncertainties.

2017 Fall
1 section

Risk Management: Critical Infrastructure Preparedness and Resilience

This course establishes a framework for conducting threat, vulnerability, and consequence analysis.

2017 Fall
1 section

National Security: Intelligence and Homeland Security Agencies for the 21st Century

Review the history and roles of the US Intelligence Community and Homeland Security agencies, as well as their documented successes and failures.

2017 Summer
1 section

Introduction to Homeland Security: A Critical Infrastructure Perspective

Analyze the critical issues that are associated with infrastructure protection and risk-reduction activities.