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Latin America: New Challenges & Shifting Relations

Latin America is suffering one of its most severe disasters in a century as a result of governmental mismanagement, a stark lack of investment in human resources, environmental degradation, rampant corruption, and rising political crises. It has been a pivotal year with the global pandemic having dealt a heavy blow to countries already under stress. Recurrent Covid surges have exacerbated existing educational and social issues with devastating socio-economic fallout. Politically there are also growing challenges. Recent changes in the governments of Peru and Bolivia have created socio-political uncertainty. Ongoing income inequity, political corruption and civil unrest are challenging the economic regional stars of Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru. Additionally on the environmental front there is a severe deforestation crisis in Brazil and a relentless drought in Mexico portending significant challenges in the two largest Regional economies. As a consequence of these extreme challenges, migration throughout Latin America has surged. Central Americans are moving north across the US border and Venezuelans are moving into Colombia, Mexico and Brazil. Tragically countries have thus far refused to engage in any meaningful intra-regional cooperation efforts to remediate these acute hemispheric problems.

Where are the bright lights in the Region?  Is Latin America rudderless or will a few nations succeed in creating successful paths?  Will the new commodity boom resulting from the post-Covid global recovery once again save Latin America? Join in the analysis and assessment of the critical and evolving challenges now facing the Americas.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The serious toll of the global pandemic on Latin America
  • Knowledge of the hostilities in the Southern Cone, Central America, and the Andean region
  • An understanding of the severe environmental crisis in Brazil and the extreme instability of Venezuela’s failed state

Ideal for

  • Professionals seeking to work in Latin American markets
  • Students interested in the changes in the region

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