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Country Risk: Geopolitics, Policy, and Regulation

This course examines country risk—the risk that firms incur in cross-border investment. Country risk analysts and managers assess and mitigate the risk of financial loss to a firm due to country events, such as coups, social unrest, disease, and war, as well as economic shocks and policy changes. The recent COVID-19 outbreak (the novel coronavirus disease) has posed a unique challenge to governments across the globe, and in this course, we will discuss how different governments have handled this crisis and how it has impacted country risk. The course introduces students to country risk resources and the components of country risk analysis, including macroeconomic policy and performance, the balance of payments, public finances, and banking sector and political risks. The case study approach is employed, utilizing IMF Article IV Staff Reports and other resources as source material.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • The ability to perform comparative country risk analysis, including in relation to oil exporters
  • A toolkit with which to assess the country risk of an individual state
  • An understanding of the drivers of country risk and sovereign credit risks
  • Knowledge of the resources available to the country risk analyst
  • Experience with the case-study approach to risk analysis

Ideal for

  • Students interested in learning the basics of country risk analysis
  • Professionals who would like to expand their knowledge of country risk analysis
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