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International Relations

  • Provides Historical and Geopolitical Contexts
  • Focuses on Today’s Power Dynamics
  • Explores Framework and Goals of Diplomacy

The world order that emerged following World War II continues to influence today’s geopolitical and economic landscape, reflecting the shift into post-colonial and post-Cold War political alignments. These courses analyze foreign policy strategies by exploring the historical and geopolitical contexts that inform them, as well as the potential impacts of these policies as they are enacted globally. They are taught by faculty members from private sector, government, and multilateral organizations.

The Great Game of Sports and Politics

Discuss the intersection of sports and politics relating to peace and security, social progress, corruption and doping, and national reputation.

2018 Summer
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Asymmetry and International Relationships: Theory and Cases

Explore international relations from a different paradigm by examining asymmetric relations between countries.

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Country Risk: Geopolitics, Policy, and Regulation

Gain an understanding of the drivers and costs associated with specific risks in the context of energy markets and project finance.

2018 Summer
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1914: The History of the Descent into World War I

This full-day course will trace the origins of World War I, from its beginnings in the French Revolution to its volcanic eruption in 1914.

America in the World: US Politics and Government in a Time of Change

Explore how studying other democracies can shed light on the troubled present—and possible future—of American politics and government.

Global Conflict and the Crisis of Diplomacy

Examine WWI’s impact on the first half of the 20th century, including the emergence of communism and fascism and the rise of dictatorships.

International Relations in the Post-World War II Era

Gain an in-depth understanding of the world order that emerged following World War II and its continued impact on the contemporary world.