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LNG 101: Energy for a Cleaner Future

Natural gas and LNG have an important and growing role to play in the global energy mix as the world transitions to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. This course is designed to contextualize this discussion within the global energy mix and provide participants with the tools necessary to understand the economic, technical, and commercial significance of the natural gas and LNG industries. The course provides a robust overview of the LNG value chain, from upstream development, liquefaction, shipping, and regasification through to downstream market delivery. It also covers the contractual elements of LNG project development and provides an overview of the wider business environment, including project economics, commercial and regulatory issues, geopolitical risk, and risk management. This program is offered in collaboration with Poten & Partners. Register today.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A solid understanding of the global energy issues with a view to commercial opportunities in the natural gas and LNG industries
  • A comprehensive commercial overview of the LNG value chain
  • An understanding of environmental issues impacting further growth in the LNG industry, including competition with coal, oil and nuclear energy—and the potential for collaboration with complementing renewables
  • A detailed review of the processes and drivers of LNG project development and the market’s key players
  • Hands-on experience through interactive case study exercises and contract negotiation simulations
  • An opportunity to build professional networks

Ideal for

  • New financial analysts focusing on energy and commodity markets or energy infrastructure
  • Legal counsels and lawyers new to the gas space and contract negotiations
  • New entrants to the upstream, midstream, and downstream gas markets
  • New strategists, planners, and analysts at government institutions focused on energy and energy infrastructure policy

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