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The US in the World: North, South, and Central America

The United States is moving in new directions regarding sociopolitical and economic relations with Western Hemisphere neighbors. From the Monroe Doctrine to the present, the US has played decisive roles in the Hemisphere; what are the new roles envisioned by the Trump administration? How have allies and foes within the Hemisphere responded to recent American pronouncements? Could current US relations within North America force Mexico and Canada to decouple as NAFTA is examined and renegotiated? Will relations with Central and South America significantly change as a result of Trump’s actions regarding immigration and America First policies? Discuss the US positioning with long-term allies, and analyze the threats and opportunities going forward. What may the consequences be of new border regulations affecting immigration flows throughout the hemisphere? And what are the consequences of legal challenges, tariff policy changes, and political retaliations? It has been a turbulent period since the Trump administration took office, and we will assess how the Trump world view has affected alignments in the Americas, as well as the strengthening of hemispheric ties with China. Who will be the winners and losers as we close the decade?

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You'll Walk Away with

  • An understanding of the current challenges facing the Western Hemisphere and the evolving role of the United States both past and present
  • Knowledge of the important foreign policy and domestic issues facing the US, Latin America, and Canada regarding terrorism, trade policy, economic development, and migration

Ideal for

  • Those doing business in South America, Central America, and North America
  • Students of current affairs who wish to deepen their understanding of global trends
  • Engaged individuals seeking broad analysis of today’s political conflicts, global economic challenges and worldwide security
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