An Introduction to the Culture and Structure of the Islamic World

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Islam appeared on the world stage some 1,400 years ago and, in less than a century, expanded its reach from Spain to the borders of China. This spectacular geographic growth was accompanied by the internal development of religious, legal, and political codes that allowed it to rule over such a diverse population. Islam, while maintaining its original integrity, modified itself over time to serve the needs and requirements of the peoples of its realms. This short, compact introduction to the Islamic world will not delve into the details of its beliefs, but rather look at its cultural diversity, touch on its history, and give an overview of Islam today by comparing its main schools and their philosophies.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A thorough background of the history of Islamic nations from its inception 1,400 years ago to today
  • A deep understanding of the religious, legal, and political codes of Islam that were modified over time to meet the requirements and needs of its people

Ideal for

  • Students who are interested in religious history, specifically Islam
  • Practitioners seeking to discover a deeper knowledge base of the main schools and practices of Islam
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