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Major Gifts

  • Taught by Seasoned Gift Officers
  • Explores Methods of Solicitation
  • Focuses on Engaging Major Donors

Soliciting and securing a major gift for a charity or nonprofit organization requires a deep understanding of a prospective donor as well as his/her capacity to give. These courses discuss the best practices for researching, cultivating, securing, and stewarding significant donations. They focus on proven techniques and real-world scenarios that prepare the fundraiser for a variety of situations and opportunities.

How to Perfect Your Ask: Intensive in Fundraising

In this course, successful fundraisers discuss their approaches and a philanthropist reports on his/her reaction to different asks.

2019 Summer
1 section

Prospect Research

This course teaches the practical research skills needed for fundraising.

2019 Spring
1 section

Donor Fatigue: What Is It and How Do We Avoid It?

Analyze the factors that contribute to donor fatigue, and examine core strategies for avoiding or mitigating it.

Major Gifts for Nonprofit Organizations

Learn about the solicitation process and management tools, such as moves management, prospect research, and identification of major prospects.

How to Perfect Your Ask

Learn the right way to ask for anything you want, personally and professionally.

How to Perfect Your Ask: Winter Term

Learn the right way to ask for anything you want, personally and professionally, and change your life.