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Digital Storytelling for Fundraising: Leveraging Emerging Technology for Impact

Unleash the Power of Digital Storytelling and Emerging Tech for Fundraising Success!
As the world rapidly evolves, nonprofits face a critical challenge: harness the full potential of digital platforms for their fundraising and impact strategies, or lose attention--and support--to the ever-growing online din of noise and distraction.
This course will empower you to cut through the hype and the noise with time-tested strategies, the latest tools and tech-based tactics that work to reach audiences, create connection, and generate impact.
Dive into the new world of storytelling technology, with tools like generative AI, blockchain, and interactive experiences as you learn to integrate them into your work. Glean insights from real-world case studies and learn from best practices. Then, combine them into an actionable digital strategy that elevates your fundraising game and ignites passionate supporter engagement.
This course is eligible towards the completion of the Certificate in Fundraising . Bundle your coursework and earn a professional credential that communicates knowledge and skills gained. Declared Certificate students receive 10% off of courses within the program.
Note: Full participation in Digital Storytelling, Innovation, and Fundraising is applicable for 15 points in Category 1.B Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Strategies for Digital Advancement: Harness emerging tech to elevate your digital storytelling prowess and maximize the impact of your efforts.
  • Emerging Digital Tools: Incorporate new platforms and technologies into your nonprofit fundraising and marketing--setting the best stage for strategic growth.
  • New Opportunities: Analyze trends, best practices, tools, and platforms to identify crucial opportunities for your nonprofit.
  • The Ecosystem of Impact: Gain insights into the interconnected worlds of digital storytelling and fundraising, empowering you to navigate with confidence.
  • Your Actionable Plan: Craft a powerful digital strategy that elevates fundraising outcomes and fosters deeper supporter engagement for your organization.

Ideal for

  • Fundraising staff members, seeking to bolster their expertise and achieve remarkable fundraising outcomes.
  • Annual fund directors, aiming to infuse their strategies with innovation and elevate donor engagement.
  • Marketing and Communications Managers, looking to leverage the potential of emerging technology for compelling fundraising campaigns.
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