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Structuring Term Loans, Syndicated Transactions, and Project Finance

Examine how to underwrite and syndicate revolving credit and term loans to finance working capital, equipment, acquisitions, and projects. Learn how to structure transactions through direct loans, backup facilities, bridge facilities, covenant packages, collateral support, take-or-pay contracts, and lease assignments. Then, learn how to syndicate down transactions and to mitigate risk through the use of assignments, participations, collateralized loan obligations, and credit default swaps.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • A working knowledge of the full life cycle of syndicated transactions
  • An understanding of and the ability to interpret the fundamentals of the syndicated loan market

Ideal for

  • Professionals with some knowledge of financial accounting
  • Students interested in a career in credit analysis

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  • Spring 2019

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      Spring 2019
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      Mar 30 - Apr 13
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      • In-Person
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      • In-Person
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      Chin, Desmond
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      Midtown Center