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Shadow Banking and Regulatory Concerns

Is shadow banking a life support of the global market economy or closer to a “weapon of financial mass destruction”? This one-day intensive course will debunk the myths surrounding “nonbanking finance.” Learn about the origins of shadow banking, the key players safeguarding the global and national financial markets, and the policy mechanisms they are putting in place to transform shadow banking into resilient market-based finance. Delve into annual monitoring reports on shadow banking that assess the global trends and risks of the shadow banking systems in the various jurisdictions, which cover 90 percent of global financial system assets. Explore the areas of focus and the priorities in the development of policies to strengthen oversight and regulation of the shadow banking system. Also, gain an understanding of how the global regulatory framework impacts national markets and rules.

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You'll Walk Away with

  • Knowledge of key global players, their role, and their approach to shadow banking regulation
  • An understanding of the difficulties with defining shadow banking, including examples of working definitions

Ideal for

  • Policy professionals with either intermediate-level theoretical or applied knowledge of shadow banking
  • Graduate or PhD students interested in this subject, which is both extremely current and seriously underresearched
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